Dust Sensor

The main aim of this project is to determine the effectiveness of the air purifier in our room.

The air purifier is said to remove both dust and VOC.

As such, we would be attaching a dust sensor (insert link) and VOC sensor to our choice of WiFi enabled micro controller: Arduino Yun.

How does the Dust Sensor work? Basically, there is a light emitter and a light sensor. When dust particles passes between the light sensor


1/6 Thursday – mi purifier on (fan off) qin fever at work

2/6 Friday – mi purifier on (fan off) qin fever at home

3/6 Saturday – mi purifier on (fan off) qin fever

4/6 9pm – move dust sensor into games room

5/6 7.30pm – move dust sensor into living room

5/6 10.30pm – move dust sensor back into games room

6/6 8.10am – switch on Mi Air Purifier Max

6/6 11.10 – switch to auto

6/6 2.16pm – Mi Air Purifier Max speed

6/6 5.16pm – switch to auto

6/6 6.31pm – Mi Air Purifier Max Speed

6/6 9.31pm – switch to auto

6/6 10.25pm – Max Speed

6/6 11.45pm – Off

7/6 8.15am – Sleep mode

7/6 7.15pm – Max speed

7/6 10.33pm – Off

8/6 11.00pm – Stop experiment

9/6 8.27am – Start recording

9/6 5.41pm – Air purifier Max Speed

11/6 9.01pm – Mosquito coil

12/6 10.31pm – Mosquito coil

12/6 10.56pm – Removed Mosquito coil

12/6 11.07pm – Air purifier max speed

10 minutes later …

13/6 2.07am – auto mode

13/6 9.00am – off

13/6/ 9.35pm – mosquito coil

13/6 10.20pm – remove mosquito coil

13/6 10.30pm – auto mode

14/6 3.45pm – switch off

16/6 9.17pm – put Mosquito coil

16/6 9.52pm – remove mosquito coil

16/6 9.56pm – air purifier sleep mode
Effectiveness of Xiaomi Air Purifier to  A remove Dust and VOC

  1. Baseline dust and VOC level in the games room is determined.
  2. Dust and VOC is introduced into the games room by the means of
  1. http://wiki.seeed.cc/Grove-Dust_Sensor/
  2. https://indiaairquality.com/2014/12/14/measuring-the-pickle-jr-a-modified-ppd42-with-an-attached-fan/
  3. http://takingspace.org/wp-content/uploads/ShinyeiPPD42NS_Deconstruction_TracyAllen.pdf
  4. http://irq5.io/2013/07/24/testing-the-shinyei-ppd42ns/
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Particle_counter
  6. https://smartairfilters.com/en/blog/xiaomi-auto-mode-leaves-air-unsafe-86-hours/

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